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Brook has matured  into my social butterfly.She adores my cats and frequently curls up with one to sleep. She does not react to small dogs or other small animals. She prefers her creature comforts & is the only Malinois I know that likes to sleep under the covers. Brook is my Alpha Bitch, and the one I would consider my best “family dog”. Settles nicely in the house.

Structure :
Brook is a 21 ½ " and 40 pounds. Square construction with a short back, Light Bone. Coat is Red with a slight overlay,         a correct double coat. Ears are small and well placed

Working Ability:
Brook is my agility nut, she just adores it. She starts whining before we get to practice in excitement. She has beautiful running contacts, and great distance work. She is food motivated, and the first dog I trained completely by Operant Conditioning. Tracking: She is the slowest tracking dog I have which is very nice for me! Obedience: She will do all the obedience exercises, but prefers Rally, where she gets more feedback from the handler. Herding:
We are working hard together: I have bought her some sheep so we can practice more :)

In 2009 Brook had the "wind" litter  with Seeker (U-CD Ch. Carousel's Wild Adventure CD RN AX AXJ CGC). I am really happy with the litter and I cannot wait to watch them mature.  I have Plans to have a Litter with Bryan ( CH. Bryan Vom Haus Mecki, Sch 3, IPO3 ) In 2010.