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WhaooHoooo! 1/29/10 Ultrasound confirms at least 6 puppies! Due date March 1st!

O'neill at age 6~Photo Catherine Shields        


Belgian and (AKC) American Champion
O'Neill van Balderlo
CQN HS JHD TDI CGC (s.92 B & s.93 T)
2000 ABMC National show - Best Veteran dog and AOM

DOB 2-12-90~ 9-8-2004

                                                  OFA Link

I am so excited to be able to use O'neill in My Breeding Program, And I cannot  Thank Catherine Sheilds at Carousel enough for the opportunity.  O'neill is a very exciting dog for me as he has a very old pedigree that is very hard to find these days. (From the Carousel Website) "O’Neill had 3 litters in the United States, Trew Bleue’s “Music” litter (10-95), Roulet’s “Casino” litter (6-96), and Carousel’s “Rumor” litter (8-97).  O’Neill’s litters have produced - A Best in Specialty winner, the first Herding Champion Malinois, the first Dual Ch Malinois and the first and as of May 2009 6 yrs later still the only Champion Tracking and VST Malinois. O'Neill has produced multiple dogs with Breed Ch, Agility titled, Herding titled, Tracking Titled, obed titled and over all wonderful companions"  Oneill Grand-kids are also very talented, including a CH. OTCH.

O'neill Needs no introduction to herding enthusiasts. Their are 5 Dual Champion Herding Malinois in the United States~ One is an O'neill son, One is an O'neill Daughter, one is a O'neill Granddaughter and the 4th is an Oneill descendant.  O'neill's youngest litter is now 12 years old, and Thanks to Frozen semen, we are just trilled have some O'neill kids!

CH. Belgenbeau Bryscar Cameo,OB2, BH, AD,TT, CGC

2009 ABMC Speciality Reserve Winners Bitch

OFA Link

Cami is a bitch that I imported from Australia at just over 1 year of age from Lynda Trotter at Belgenbeau. Cami is a very fun bitch,  that lives to work and to please. I have not found a dog sport that she cannot do with zest :) She had a previous litter at Belgenbeau the Romeo litter. Cami is a busy dog that does everything at full throttle, but she does have an off switch.  She absolutely adores kids  and infants. I do not quite trust her around Cats and chickens as she has a very, very high prey drive. I think she is going to make a very nice herding dog, and I have just started training her in herding.   She also will be my next obedience dog, as she is very precise in her obedience work.            

I think Cami has a lot to offer in my breeding program, she is one of the most stable Malinois ever met, and has all of the working qualities that I require as a my personal competition dog (and I think I have pretty High standards :)) Cami has no environmental issues that I have found. She is intensely, intensely toy motivated. She will fetch all day long, and loves to run around the house with something constantly in her mouth. Obedience: her style is very flashy, and is aware of her body while healing. Retrieves are fast and steady, with no mouthing for the dumbbell. Tracking: I am working on slowing her down, but she has a very deep nose in tracking. Protection:  loves the fight, has self confidence with the helper, making eye contact. Very high prey drive. Agility: no problems with any of the obstacles, I am looking forward to starting her in NADAC in 2009/2010

My waiting list for the litter is most likely full, this may change as xrays show the exact number of puppies.

I do require all companion and show/working puppies get OFA hips/elbows done as well as CERF. Puppies come microchipped, wormed, 1st Vaccines ( I follow Dr. Dobbs Minimal Vaccine protocol), written health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. This litter will be Cerf'd and Cardiac tested. Please see my Puppy questionnaire page for more info.


Please note that I DO like people to come and personally pick up puppies.  I will not ship them cargo at 8 weeks.



 What I expect from this litter: Medium to larger Mals (50-65 lbs), looking at what Cami and O'neill have produced before.

As Always I use the Bio-sensor Program  with the pups, They will be Temperament tested  and  At 8 weeks I will  have them structurally evaluated by Pat Hastings.



Name Ideas For the "ICE" Litter


I am very, very excited about this litter, not only is it combining some of my favorite pedigrees, it is a litter I feel will do almost anything the owners would want to do. Dogs from this litter should be able to excel in the show and working arenas. I also expect some outstanding herding prospects. Because of the busy nature of Cami, These pups will be available to working and/or very active homes only