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Welcome to Element's Updated website, this is the first major update I have done in 5 years, so please be a little patient, there are bound to be a few glitches :) I am slowly expanding the site too!

Main Entry: el·e·ment

Pronunciation: 'e-l&-m&nt
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French & Latin; Old French, from Latin elementum
1 a : any of the four substances air, water, fire, and earth formerly believed to compose the physical universe

b plural : weather conditions; especially : violent or severe weather 

c : the state or sphere natural or  suited to a person or thing
2 : a constituent part: as a plural :the simplest principles of a subject of study

Main Entry: Belgian Ma·li·nois
Pronunciation: -"ma-l&n-'wä
: any of a breed of squarely built working dogs closely related to the Belgian sheepdog and having relatively short straight hair with a dense undercoat


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Member of the Northern California Herding GroupAssociation (NCHGA); the American Belgian Malinois Club (ABMC)  and the American Working Malinois Association(AWMA).

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