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I went to the 2010 Nationals  to look at possible stud dogs, well and to go have fun with my friends of course <G>. I met Twister and his owner there & right away I was impressed with this dog. Watching him run in agility in standard excellent classes at 10 years years of age is very impressive. The photo above is one I took of him running at the nationals.

Structurally speaking, he is sound as a dollar. Beautiful shoulders, neck & rear. Square & an absolutely classic head piece. Watching him in the Veterans classes, he almost looked like he was in the wrong class. How could this dog be 10 years old??  

At  the agility trial, he got along with Older intact males with no problem & I love the fact that he was unfazed by anything there, just seems to take life in stride. I got to meet a few of his kids & he seems to pass on his stability & beautiful structure.

His pedigree reads like a performance dog should, some of the biggest American lines from the 80's. As well as European working lines going back to de Ventadour, du Colobophile & de la Belle Edita in the 60's & 70's. He carries some of the older classic performance lines that I really admire.

In short, Well I am excited to use this dog.  The kicker is that he is going to be 11 this year.  He had a swimmers check this year and he is fine for fresh or chilled.  I feel like he would make a huge contribution to my line  in terms of temperament and structure and longevity, so I am choosing to go forward rather then take a year off like I had planned.

This litter will be for myself & I plan on keeping a bitch for my next agility dog.   More info will follow as time goes on, a lot of the timing will have to do with my Cocktail Litter.  I would expect this litter to be superb for agility, herding and the show ring. The theme for this litter will be "RED".  I want to Thank Carolyn Kaiser for letting me consider using Twister. 

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