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The name "Element" I guess started a long time ago with my first dog Alaska's Aspen Fire, AKA Aspen, the wild Siberian. Aspen was not really a beginners dog, and I definitely should have gotten a different breed to start with! She was an escape artist, a trickster, a cuddle bug, and I swear that she could see right through my soul, with those icy blue eyes. She also was my starter dog to AKC Obedience and Agility. Ah, those fond memories! I loved that crazy little dog. Sadly, she was stolen from my front yard when she was 7 years old. She was the one dog I wish I could have seen grow old. Age might have slowed her down a bit :).

In 2003 I purchased My first Malinois~Biko Von Schoerling, CD, RE, BH, AD, SCH I, TR2, HIC, CGC, from Von Schoerling Kennels (now Loup Noir). Biko was my only dog for quite a while, but I missed having a female dog in the house. When he was 18 months old, I began my search for a female Mal. I took Biko to the 2005 National in Texas and roomed with Barb Peach. When I had my Belgian Sheepdogs, I had traveled and showed with Barb (Trew Bleue) and Sue Haase (Roulet's). Sue's River was actually the first Malinois I had spent any time around, and the reason I wanted a Malinois. Barb was just getting ready to breed a River Daughter~ Ch. Roulets Ganache Tart, PT. Along came my Brook, out of Zulu Van Balderlo in 2005. IN 2006 I had an opportunity to get a ½ Sister to Brook from Belgium~ Baiservole Van Balderlo (Zulu van Balderlo X Tracey off Pastys Farm). Baise came bred to Apache van Balderlo, and my first “Element” litter was born 11/19/06. I kept one female from the litter, my Junnie (Apache X Baise).

 In 2007, I started doing research for a stud dog for Brook, and I fell in love with a dog from Australia, AUST CH/DKBR CH/DK CH Bryan Vom Haus Mecki IPO3 SchH3. I imported semen for Brook from Bryan in November of 07. Unfortunately, Brook didn’t take with that litter. Later that year, I had the opportunity to have a Bryan daughter shipped from Australia~ Belgenbeau Bryscar Cameo (Bryan X Belgenbeau Bezed Scarlett) from Lynda Trotter, Belgenbeau. In 2009 I purchased Mojo~ Vanrusslehof Walkabout, (Bryan X Aus Ch. Belgenbeau Bezed Zara) from Amanda Camier, Vanrusslehof Belgians. My Bryan kids are going to be the cornerstone of my breeding program in the future.

Why do I like the Malinois? For me they are the perfect breed of dog, I love their Athleticism and general attitude about life. I do however feel saddened at the great working/show line gap in the breed. I look at pictures from the start of the breed and they looked vastly different. It wasn't that long ago that you could find a Schutzhund dog that was also a Breed Champion. What I look for in a dog is that they can do multiple dog sports, fit the standard, and are a dog that you can also live with. I don't believe in leaving a dog in a kennel for its lifetime, they are family members