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Biko is My Sweet Goofy boy that I bought from Heather Arlinghaus at Loup Noir. He is one of the most stable Sweet Malinois I will ever own. He is the temperament  that I will always aspire to have in my other dogs. Biko did not pass his OFA hips,  as a 2 year old. The Vets thought it was due to an injury as a youngster. Biko is mostly retired at this point, although we still go Tracking a lot, and I hope to get some more tracking titles in the future.  He loves being a farm dog & puppy raiser.   I also use him as a Aggressive Dog diffuser in my Business.  I need to get some new pics of my Big boy, he is really turning gray in the face, and the frosting is pretty cute :) 

1/23/11. Biko was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had uncontrollable cluster seizures and I had to let him go. He was a healthy happy dog until he wasn't, it was very sudden and quite a shock.  Rest my Lion dog, I will always miss my protector. My sweet boy.....