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Cami, Mojo and I went down to the Eukanuba shows. Left the babies with a babysitter for the weekend. I left and they were blobs, came home and they were puppies! Just starting to open their eyes.


Got the last DNA sample this am before work, none of the puppies were very keen on the swab, but they are done finally. Got the samples sent off after work, so I should get  the parentage back before they go to their new homes with any luck. Started the noise CD's today, they are maybe just starting to hear. I notice little ear movements when I talk to them. Still continuing  the biosensor, should finish up in a couple of days.  Fitted them with their breakaway cat collars today. FYI, the "yellow" collar is the "green" collar temperately. I didn't have a yellow one & need to pick one up. Photos of the pups from today, hope you enjoy. ( will put onto the site tomorrow, apparently my laptop is not liking my camera for some reason)

Sorry guys, I am very late Putting these up !