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 Thank you for your interest in a Element Puppy.  My belief is that the Malinois should primarily be an working animal. That's it, nothing fancy. I don't believe they should ever be bred to be just pets, or to breed primarily just for looks. I want a dog that lives to work; I want them to be healthy and structurally sound and I want a good temperament . I like dogs that can finish their Championship as well as work.  I am breeding with a goal in mind, and some litters might be a 'step' toward this goal. I take this very seriously.

I like to think of myself as a forever student and I want to go to seminars and learn. I am especially fascinated by canine genetics and health problems. I love to work my dogs as they are my partners, and I see them as such. I like to learn about temperament, behavioral & functionality in each individual dog. I love that I have active dogs, that I can do flyball, obedience, agility, herding, conformation & tracking with.

Over the Years my goals have slightly changed. Right now as of 2013, I am actively perusing herding instinct /talent  in my litters. I have moved away from the protection type sports myself, so I am not actively breeding for protection type work. If you would like a referral to a ethical Protection breeder, Please let me know.   My main goal is Produce dogs that can excel in the herding arena as well as dogs that can do real work in the pasture, this is a work in progress.  Dogs in future litters should continue to excel in  flyball, obedience, agility,  conformation, tracking and Dock Diving. 

I believe in Raw or homemade diets and holistic or alternative medicine for my animals. I use a minimal Vaccine protocol for my adults and litters that I raise.  I use the Bio-sensor program on my pups. They will be temperament tested , as well as being evaluated by Pat Hastings at 8 weeks. I raise them in a stimulated environment, and I start clicker training as soon as their ears are open. They will be micro chipped and will also have their first Chiropractic adjustments done. All puppies have individualized contracts.

If you would like to talk about an element pup, the best way to reach me is by email . 

If you would like a referral from a previous Element puppy owner, please feel free to contact one, most are active on facebook