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O' Neill X Cami

I am thrilled to have an O'Neill son to herd with . What can I say about my siddy boy, he is such a special dog for me . I see such a blending of his parents, he has O'neills herding talent, with Cami's over the top enthusiastic view of life. Stable and just a really great dog to be around. High prey drive in other work, but a kindness to stock.   Toy motivated like his mom.  Great around small dogs and cats. 

Structure: Square construction. 25 at the shoulder, 68 lbs.  Full dentition. Rich mahogany color with a very dense texture. Very weather resistant coat. Medium/heavy bone. Very typical male. 

Temperment: Very forward to people and dogs.  Pushy in your face kinda dog. Loves, loves his people.  Can take a correction & is respectful of his handler.  Most of the time a voice correction is all that is needed.  Problem solver, likes to figure out things.  I would  best describe this boy as intense, motivated & a good dog.

Sid is CERF clear, OFA Good Normal Elbows. Cardiac Clear