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They turned into little dogs this weekend! Lots of big first, first car ride, first meals, first time outside all day.

Something that is really fun for me to see is that they never stop wagging their tails. Mojo does this (uncle) so its neat to see some familial  characteristics.

Life for them starts moving fast from this point on. I have started clicker training when I put the food down. I started their litter box training. They have been exposed to my sheep and chickens ( very controlled manner <G>)  Puppy visits start this weekend. Basically everything  I can possibly expose them too at this point I will. Oh and for when they go home? They really like NPR radio! Smart babies!

                                 First Car Ride ~ They took it all in stride!

                   More pics tomorrow~ I'll leave you with my Favorite pic to date " what are you looking at"