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Darleen from Landmark Tervuren came to visit the babes and took some fabulous pics!  Peggy Recommended a book to me that I picked up called the Puppy headstart program. Boy , do I like it! Started throwing in some stuff from the book right away.

This week they have been exposed to

:Sounds: Vacuum, Clicker, Dremmel, Squeaky toy, Coughing, Stamping feet, Hand-clapping, Bells, Whistles and a coffee grinder. Also there ongoing sound Cd as well as the radio.

Surfaces: Cookie pans, Bubble wrap (cool!) Plastic tarp, canvas tarp, Hay, concrete, cold surfaces, wood chips, water, snow , ice and a  Bobble board

Animals: Ducks, my chickens, my sheep, my cats & my chi-chi Smegol~ I am starting to allow the other dogs to play with the puppies. Biko is just being great with these guys, Totally likes them.  The Puppies cannot understand why "Auntie Brook" will not let them nurse, Brook is not keen on those puppy teeth!


Pink                                                                                                Yellow

Silver                                                                                                   Dots

Teal (up) Blue Boy (down)

(left) Green sleeping in the Sheep hay

(above) Pink and Merlin the kitty

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