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(brook herding in 2010)

The Red litter is a breeding that I feel is custom made  just for me! I am doing this breeding because I would love a Brook daughter to go on with in agility. Brook is my current performance partner. She has titles in Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Schutzhund, herding and 2 Agility venues.  What she really LOVES is Agility and Herding. In 2009 I bred her to Seeker for my Wind pups. While they are still very young & maturing, she has three pointed  pups, one only needing a major to finish. One puppy is in training for SAR, another is in training for Cadaver work. Overall, I am THRILLED with those puppies & I cannot wait to see what she can do with Twist!  Brook is has beautiful breed Type,is very bidable & sweet. She lives in my house & has her own cat that she sleeps with her.  Working, she is very steady in her work & tries very hard to figure out what I am asking of her.  I am also very proud to say that she won the Working Sweepstakes at the 2010 National over a lot of very nice dogs!

One of the reasons I went to the National this last year was to look at stud dogs.  I met Twister and his owner there & right away I was impressed with this dog. Watching him run in agility in standard excellent classes at 10 years years of age is very impressive. Structurally speaking, he is sound as a dollar. Beautiful shoulders, neck & rear. Square & an absolutely classic head piece. Watching him in the Veterans classes, he almost looked like he was in the wrong class. How could this dog be 10 years old??                         (Twist as a youngster)

At  the agility trial, he got along with Older intact males with no problem & I love the fact that he was unfazed by anything there, just seems to take life in stride. I got to meet a few of his kids & he seems to pass on his stability & beautiful structure. His Pedigree Reads like a performance dogs should, some of the biggest American lines from the 80's. As well as European working lines going back to de Ventadour, du Colobophile & de la Belle Edita in the 60's & 70's. He carries some of the older classic performance lines that I really admire