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In 2013 I had a very special dog in the Element Family pass away. Bosco from my first litter which was co-owned by me and owned/lloved/worked by Nevada K9. Bosco was a multipurpose search dog that mainly focused on Cadaver/ HRD. Nevada Canine requested a puppy and I'm happy to provide them one.  

        GCH. Element's Written in Red, HSAs, PT


        BOSS. GCH. Belgenbeau Bryscar Cameo
                    RN, OB2, BH, AD, TT, CGC


So, Why did I pick these parents? 

Cami is a high drive working fool. She is always 'on' Ready to go. She is absolutely one of the most stable Malinois I've ever had the pleasure of owning. High prey and Pack drive. Shes one of the only mals I have had that will work for just about anyone. Got a leash, collar and work? She'll work for you <G> Loves kids from infant size on. I own two of her offspring, Sid and Cat. I think they are pretty dang nice working dogs.   Cami Pedigree

Writer- One of the nicest males I have ever produced. I own his mom and know all of his relatives back three generations back.  He reminds me so much of his mother Brook and grandmother Devan in his working style. I adore to watch this boy work. His owner Elaine's goal will be to finish his herding Championship.  Writer lives with another intact male, and they are the best of friends. In the short time of him showing, he is currently the #4 malinois Breed points  in the country. He was also HIT at his second herding trial. Pretty fancy for a young boy :-) Writer Pedigree

This is Cami's third litter for me and her last.  I know what she can produce at this point. I'll be honest, they are not easy puppies to raise. They take time, dedication and lots of training.  These puppies really need a JOB, they are busy!  When they are about three years old, they really start to come together. Until then, plan on having your hands full. I'm excited to finally combine my two lines together. I can wait to watch these guys grow up.

This littler is purposely being bred for SAR/ Cadaver dogs, but they should be able to do any sports the owners want. They will be exposed to cadaver material and lots of varied surfaces.  I am excited for a small litter. Lots of hands on work.  :) 

The litter theme will be TV detectives, so many fun names to choose from!  Lots of TV shows & call names could be a character on the show. Here is a good link to get you started on names  

If you have an interest in this litter, please email me for a questionaire. The Dots female is looking for the right Companion home

Orange Girl