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The "Red Litter" is one I am very excited about. I  am doing this breeding because I am finally keeping a Brook daughter and I feel like I have found a male that would complement her well. Brook is my performance partner. She has titles in Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Schutzhund, herding and 2 Agility venues.  What she really LOVES is Agility and Herding. In 2009 I bred her to Seeker for my Wind pups, she has three major pointed  pups in that litter and one Grand CH. One is in training for SAR, another is in training for Cadaver work . In 2010, I did a litter with Mojo for my Beer litter. While those are very young, I am happy with they way they turned out.

What I see in her litters is she carries through in her type and work ethic.  I am very happy with what she has produced for me . Brook  has beautiful breed Type, is very bidable & sweet. She lives in my house & has her own cat that she sleeps with her.  Working, she is very steady in her work & tries very hard to figure out what I am asking of her.  She has an off switch and can settle with no issues. I am also very proud to say that she won the Working Sweepstakes at the 2010 National over a lot of very nice dogs!  After this litter, we are going to work on our MACH.

The male I chose for Brook is  GCh Turicks Black Jack PT HSAsd MX MXJ XF or "Jack". Jack is a son of Twister and Devon.  I met Twist at the 2010 national, what a dog! Still running agility at almost 11 years old. I also got to meet Devan at the national and watch her go HIT at herding. She is an amazing bitch on livestock . In short, Jack's parents are good stable dogs that I like a lot. Devan is also our breeds first Triple Champion (MACH, HC and CH.)

Jack is a phenomenal dog in his own right. Beautiful structure, square, a Grand Champion and a multiple group placer.  Titled in herding and Agility, he also comes form a very talented litter.

Cash~ DUAL CH  Turick's Ewe Bet  PT  HSA d,s,c  HXA d,s  MX  MXJ  XF   ROM I   # 1 Herding Malinois 2010

Ace~ Am CH Turicks Trifecta RN, TD, PT, BH

Skyler~ Am CH Turicks The Skye’s The Limit HSAs, AX, OAJ, NF

Dice~ AKC pointed

General thoughts on Related dogs: At the Specialty I was very impressed with Jack, Twist, Devan, and Cash. They were were totally relaxed with all the chaos of the trial. Other male dogs (a couple of grumbly ones too) NOISE, rain, thunder, whatever. No biggie.  Stable, happy to work dogs. Just the kind I like.

General Thoughts on the Pedigree: Excited to bring together these two pedigrees. Its a loose line breeding on O'neill van Balderlo, a dog I bred Cami to last year & one that I know to produce kind,  sensible, smart dogs. Jack is line bred on a lot of nice Performance dogs. I know dogs related on both sides for a couple of generations, it will be exciting to see them come together.  A blending of European and Classic American lines.

Why Now? Brook is in Fantastic shape coming off  her Beer pups. She does have some age related breeding issues  that make this a now or never type of deal. I was not ready for a puppy with the beer litter, but I am ready for a puppy now.  This will be her last litter, and since she only cycles every 8 months, waiting on the next heat would make her seven years old. I feel that is just too long to wait for her. Plus I am ready to get back to agility with her. Enough of this mommy stuff <G>

                                                                         Pedigree for the Red litter 

Diary Page #1 , Dairy Page #2, Diary Page #3

What can I say about this litter? I am THRILLED with my Jack/ Brook pups. It was SO hard to make a decision on who to keep as they were all really uniform in type and temperament. Almost like they were from the same cookie-cutter :)  Lots of toy/prey drive, very "up " pups. Nice structure, 5 strong herding prospects in the litter. I cannot wait to watch them grow up! I am co-owning 2 of the males, one other will stay in my breeding program. I am also keeping a bitch, Hottie. From what I have seen so far? I could not recommend Jack enough for other Malinois Breeders. I am also excited about  litter plans next year with Jack's Litter brother Ace. .