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Owner: A Camiller & R & K Worth
      DOB: 1/1/2000

       Hips: A
       Elbows: 1
       Eyes: Clear 26.11.02
       Correct Dentition
       DNA Profiled




In 2006 while searching on the internet, I came  across Bryan. What an impressive dog! I immediately did research on his lines, siblings, progeny, ect.   Byran has produced: Australian Military dog, police dogs, sport dogs, Search and rescue dogs and Conformation Champions in multiple countries.  In 2007 I imported Frozen semen from Bryan. In 2008 I imported a Byran Daughter Cami (X Belgenbeau BeZed Scarlett) and in 2009, I imported a Bryan Son, Mojo (X Aus CH Belgenbeau BeZed Zara). In short I kinda like the dog <G>.  While I have frozen semen from Bryan, I do not have any units for sale at this time. I will be keeping my frozen for future generations.

All Photos Owned By Amanda Camiller