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11/24/10~  Pre-labor Most of the day.  Labor getting more serious starting  around 10 pm. Alright! here we go, puppies!

10:35 Female   Color Purple~notes- no white markings, white pads, fawn color,  left rear dew claw. 9.9 oz

11:02 Female   Color Yellow~notes - Very dark. no white. no Dewclaws 9.7 oz

11:20 Female Color Orange~notes- fawn color, white pads. 2 rear dews, white pads,white kiss on lips 8.2 oz

12.00 Female color blue~notes-fawn color, 2 rear dews white spot chest, white rear feet and pads. 12 oz

12:30 Female color Pink -notes- Very Dark. White spot chest,no Dewclaws . 10 oz.

WOW! All I can say about that labor. Puppies every 1/2 hour. Easy delivery with no problems. I was sleeping at 1:30 am. If only they were all that easy.

11/25/10 Thanksgiving! Puppies first visitor. My mom came over & handled puppies. Momma dog was not very pleased but dealt with it. Weighed, all have gained weight. Very good :)

11/26/10 Took DNA Swabs today from 3 of the girls. They have to wait for a hour not eating before taking the swab, so you can imagine what a challenge this is for 2 day old puppies! LOL

They also had their back dews removed today, those that had them at least. Please note that I do leave front dewclaws on.  I know that some dogs can have issues with dewclaws, however none of my dogs have had issues with them. I believe the benefits in turning outweigh the risks of leaving them on. Dewclaws are a subject of conversation amongst dog breeders. Leave them on? take them off? *Shrug*At this point, I am choosing to leave them on. 

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11/28/10Started Bio sensor program with them today. All did fine. Got the DNA swab on miss pink. One to go! Miss Blue, the piglet of the litter.

11/29/10 Individual shots of the girls today, enjoy! Colors are collar color :)