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I am totally excited on how these pups are doing. One of the thinks I have really noticed about Bryan/Cami/Mojo line is the tails! They just never stop wagging, and I think it is too cute to see a 3 week old pup just wagging away.  Ok, so time is starting to go fast with these guys. Eyes open fully with vision. They can hear & vocalize. Starting to see LOT of mouthy play. The green girl is emerging as a bit of a spitfire.  I see a lot more bite/mouthiness with these guys then Brooks last litter with seeker.    It will be interesting to me to see if that stays, but what I see is promising. Full mouths on toys, lots of toy play, curiosity with the toys that light up/make noise.  I was totally enthralled with Blue watch him understand that he was making the toy light up with his paw touch. (see photo) in fact I was late to an appointment because I was watching them! lol. I have the radio on all day while I am at work, today they are rocking out to oldies!   After work, they are starting on their first meal, sticky pics to follow!