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Pupdate! They are just staring to get a little more then blobs <G> They are all rocking up on four legs and doing the bug craw across the box to momma.  I changed their collars yesterday, it was their 2nd collar change. Dots was able to go into their "Cat Safe" Collars as he is bigger then the other males, but yellow and silver are not far behind. They will probably get their collars on the weekend.

ENS continues for a few more days and I Trimmed their nails last night.  Starting to put more textures in their box so they have to crawl around on them.  I got an egg crate pad & covered it with a sheet, its kinda fun to watch them crawl on the craters.

Starting to be able to pick up a hit of personality & a couple of the pups have a noise I can hear and recognize at "their" noise. Cami continues to be an excellent momma & she is staring to take little breaks for herself now and then. Last night she ate a bully stick for about a 1/2 hour w/o checking on them. I have started backing off on the supplemental heat in their box a little bit. Now the outside temp is 70 instead of 75. They don't seem to mind at all. I start their Noise Cd's this weekend.

Something really fun? One of the puppies regularly sleeps on his back. This is not unusual, however this is the preferred sleeping position for both Cami and Mojo (Cami's 1/2 brother) so I can't help but think that might be a hard wired behavior. I think its pretty cool. Plus, he has white feet, and it makes me want to kiss them <G>

Check it Out!

I love this pic of Cami



Been a little lax at updating the webpage~ Work has been crazy with Spring & I have not had a chance to sit down and update.  Finally got individual pics of the pupsters with a little help :) They are getting pretty cute & I am stating to see more temperament come out.  A couple of BOLD babies in this litter. Eyes are open and they can hear now. They know me and wag their little tails at me when I go into their area.   I play a sounds CD for then when I am at work  and I alternate with the Radio on different stations. Today they were listening to country! lol. They will move out to the bigger puppy pen this weekend with the weather stays nice.   Inside the house they are totally off supplemental heat.

These pics were taken Monday, so their eyes are not quite all the way open :)
All the Pups have their collars pretty evident except for the Blue male on the right side that does not have a collar in his pics.











The  Girls














First time outside~ A sunny spring day on my deck