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June 13th~ pup box have been updated.  The one they were born in was a little small now with their growth.  Momma  dog was getting hot with the little piglets. Plus this way I could add lots of toys, noise toys water bottles. 

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June 14th~ Replaced some of the bigger puppies rickrac collars with the "cat safe" breakaway collars. I figure the rest of the litter should be in them by the end of the week.  Mr. Yellow is finally at a weight where I feel safe about him being ok. He has not quite doubled his weight, but almost. He was my smallest pup to date, and I was worried. Maybe a bit paranoid, lol.  Got some excellent advise from Catherine Sheilds or Carousel Malinois and Carolyn Kaiser of Turick Malinois about the little guy.  Its great to have good friends in the breed that can be there if I have questions.

June 20th~ Starting to see some eyes open :) There will be a couple of days of no photos. I do not feel comfortable with flash photos on newly opened eyes. All the puppies are in their collars.  I have added a bunch of toys to their boy and I am starting their sound Cd's Today.

Something funny happened yesterday, I took the other dogs for a hike and while we were gone, Brook sorted her puppies and their toys into two separate piles. She has always been a sorter when bored, I suspect that has something to herding instinct. Anyways, I thought that was a hoot.  Towels and puppies one side, Toy and bottles the other. Weird dog :)

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