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Please note  that I do NOT ship puppies.  I do expect folks to come and pick up their new family members. While I realize this is an inconvenience for some folks, I do it for a few  reasons.

1. I am not trusting airline cargo shipments much these days. I keep hear more and more about lost dogs, dogs that die in flight & other scary problems. It is MUCH easier for you to come pick up your pup and fly with it in cabin, then for me to stress and worry about shipping cargo.

2.  This way you get to meet your pup before it goes home. I try my best to pick out the correct pup for each family.  If we disagree, or  it ends up not being a good fit for your personality, I figure a plane ticket is financially and emotionally cheaper then a dog not working out for you.  Plus you can meet Mom & relatives

here at the house.

3. Travel heat embargo, depending on the time of year, it can be very HOT here. It may not be possible to ship.

Airports: I am one hour fifteen minutes from Sacramento, and one hour thirty minutes from Reno. I am more then willing to come pick you up at either but  you might have to deal with a little dog hair in my car <G>. Reno is beautiful, but a little dicey in winter, they do close the pass often. I would recommend Sacramento in the winter months.